TOC Programmes

We offer nothing less than the best at TOC Automotive College. Our teaching philosophy - "Fix it Right, First Time, On Time, Every Time", embodies this fact, so rest assured that you will be getting the best quality programmes to equip you with the necessary skills to drive the automotive industry forward.

Whether it’s the roar of an engine, the thrill of the ride or a desire to accelerate the future, TOC Automotive College has something for you!

From the hood of your own car to the pit of a racing track, TOC Automotive College promises to drive your dreams with tailored programmes for everyone.

Be In A Class Of Your Own



Drive to success in the fast lane with this course. Learn everything you need to know about motorsports, from fine tuning to modification of cars in motorsports in this course. Plus, you can even be a part of our very own TOC Motorsports Team!


Love getting your hands dirty with knowing the ins and outs of a car? Learn everything you need to know about automotive technology; repair, service, maintenance and diagnosis of a car with this course.

diploma kemahiran malaysia (dkm) level 4

You asked for it, and you've got it! Here's your chance to further your studies now with a Level 4 Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia.


Ever get told that you’re better with your head inside the hood of a car than in books? Be an expert at the repair, service, maintenance and diagnostics of cars with this course.

Master Technician Course (level 1-3)

Keep ahead and be a master technician. Learn to identify sophisticated car malfunctions; and use your knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair them. This course will let you learn pretty much everything there is to know about a car.

superbike Technician Course (level 1-3)

The Superbike Technician Course is the first of its kind in TOC! You will learn how to install, maintain, repair and replace motorcycle parts.

automotive customer service (level 1-3)

Be an expert on customer management, understand repair and maintenance as well as diagnosis of a car.


Do you love cars and want to learn everything you can about them? Fuel your passion and choose the path you want with over 30 automotive short courses, such as basic automotive engine electricity, engine fine tuning, wheel alignment, and many more!


Car Maintenance*

Wish to learn more about general car care through the proper maintenance, repair techniques and safer driving tips? This is the course for you!