It’s not easy being a Master, but let TOC Automotive College get you there! Keep ahead and be a master technician. Learn to identify sophisticated car malfunctions; and use your knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair them. This course will let you learn pretty much everything there is to know about a car and become a Master Technician.


Course Overview:

  • Shortest 3 level programme yet!

  • This programme includes work experience with our industry partners

  • Recognized by the Ministry of Education (MoE)

  • 70% hands on learning

  • Lowest entry requirement

  • Easy Monthly payment

  • Low upfront payment

What You Will Learn:

Learn pretty much everything you need to know about a car such as how to diagnose and repair:

  • Engines & transmissions

  • Brakes

  • Steering

  • HVAC

  • Electrical and electronics systems

  • Suspension systems

Course Intake:

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*MTC is only for local students at this stage.


AFFIN Education Financing-i

*Terms and conditions apply


24 months
(This programme includes work experience with our industry partners)

Course Modules:

General Mechanic Level 1 - N/KJP/00539/0522

  • MTC 1101 General Automotive
  • MTC 1102 Internal Combustion Engine
  • MTC 1103 Operating Principle of Chassis System
  • MTC 1104 Engine Management and Exhaust System
  • MTC 1105 Vehicle Fuel System
  • MTC 1201 Engine Mechanical Service and Repair
  • MTC 1202 Drive Train Service and Repair

Service Technician Level 2 - N/KJP/00540/0522

  • MTC 1203 Vehicle Routine Maintenance
  • MTC 1106 Basic Vehicle Electrical System
  • MTC 1204 Vehicle Electrical and Body Trim Repair
  • MTC 1205 Chassis Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • MTC 1301 Engine Testing and Overhauling
  • MTC 1302 Advance Engine System Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • MTC 1303 Advance Auxiliary Electrical Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnostic Technician Level 3 - N/KJP/00541/0522

  • MTC 1304 Advance Drive Train System Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • MTC 1305 Transmission Testing and Overhauling
  • MTC 1401 Customer Service Management
  • MTC 1402 Advance Fuel Injection Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • MTC 1403 Electronic Vehicle Control Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • MTC 1404 Multiplex Fault Diagnosis and Repair
  • MTC 1405 Operating Principle of Alternative Power Generation

Entry Requirements

Minimum Requirement

  • 17 years old and above

    *Terms and conditions apply


  • Automotive Lead Technicians

  • Automotive Team Leaders

  • Automotive Service Advisors

  • Diagnostic Technician

You Could Even Secure Upper-Level Automotive Positions