Required Documents:

TOC Application Form:

  • All applicants must complete and submit the TOC Application for Admission Form.
  • For Certificate programs application (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia or known as SKM) applicants; besides the above form, please fill up the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Application Form as well. Please refer to Lampiran 6 (JPK/IAC/SI) Department of Skills Development ¨C Student Application Form.
  • Kindly contact us for an application form

Accommodation Form:
(if accommodation is required)

  • Kindly note that there is only limited bed available in College Managed Accommodation (CMA). Student please consult with International Admission Person in Charge (IAPIC) regarding the availability of CMA after getting the VAL. More, cooking is not allowed in CMA. There is a launderette service available nearby or students can opt to do their own laundry (hand wash). For accommodation information please refer TOC Accommodation Information/Terms and Conditions
  • Kindly contact us for an accommodation form

Passport Photo:

  • 8 blue background passport (3.5 cm x 5 cm) sized photos (Please state your name at the back of each photo). Important: For accurate reference of the blue background, please refer to the sample provided.
  • Passport Photo Sample

Photocopy of Passport:

  • Photocopy of IC (3 sets) on A4 size paper (must include both sides).

 Result Transcripts:

  • 2 sets of Transcripts or High School/O Level /A Levels or any other equivalent results together with its legend (explanation of marking system). Note that such legends/marking systems must be attested/authorized/certified true copy by local Ministry of Education or the school authorities. This is an application is required by the authorities and is especially useful to ensure a speedy and efficient application process. For documents which are not in English, a translation of same to the English language will be required. Please refer Marking Legend sample for easy reference.
  • Marking Legend Sample

For cases of transference from other college, besides the above, we require the following from the former college for our perusal:-

  • 2 copies of Attendance report from previous college
  • 2 copies of Academic results from previous college
  • 2 copies of Release/clearance letter from previous college
  • 2 copies of special pass and/passport page with exit stamp
  • Cancellation of student visa The former college has to support in this endeavour to provide sufficient time to enable us to put in our application to EMGS.