The Smart Care Course was designed to provide a fundamental understanding on car maintenance and how it should be carried out. Essential areas of car maintenance will be discussed and relevant troubleshooting techniques will be addressed and demonstrated together with the participants. Several car tips to assist the car owner and driver will be presented in this course as well.


How It Benefits You:

  • Familiarize basic car servicing
  • Aptitude to perform basic inspections
    - Fluid levels (brake, power steering, engine oil and wipers)
    - Use multi-meters in checking battery, fuses and faulty bulbs and switches
    - Checks ignition system and replace spark plugs
  • Ability to inspect wheels components and assess conditions (gauge tyre pressure and wear & tear conditions, rotate/change tyres)
    - Perform oil change
    - Perform transmission fluid change
  • Grasp the usage of basic tools (jumper cables, car jack)
  • Inspect wheels component/conditions (changing, tyre pressure, worn tyres)
  • Acquire insight on safe driving techniques and how to deal with less than ideal driving conditions  

Entry Requirement:

18 years old and above with valid driving license


RM 1,000/participant
(Discounts applicable for group bookings.)

Course Outline:

Lecture (Theory)

Topics Coverage

  • Course Introduction
  • Vehicles Anatomy and Configuration
  • Engine Systems
  • Vehicle Electrical System
  • Drive Train
  • Steering System
  • Suspension and Brake System
  • Wheels and Tyres

What You Will Learn

  • Understand How A Car Works
  • Identify Vehicle Components
  • Oil Grades and Quality

Practical (Activities)

  • Basic Car Service and Inspection
  • Proper Use of Tools and Equipment
  • Proper Use of Multi-meter
  • Checking Fuses and Faulty Light Bulbs

What You Will Learn

  • Change Engine Oil
  • Change Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Replaces Faulty Fuse and Bulbs
  • Checks Battery Voltage
  • Jump Start a Car
  • Checks Engine Oil Level
  • Checks ATF
  • Checks Fluid Level (Brakes, Power Steering, Coolant)
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Check and Adjust or Replace Drive Belts
  • Under Carriage Inspection
  • Check and Replace Brake Pads or Brake Shoes
  • Checks Tyre Pressure
  • Perform Tyre Rotation


  • Basic Maintenance Inspection

What You Will Learn

  • Body Electrical Inspection
  • Under the Bonnet Inspection
  • Under Carriage Inspection

Talk on Safety

  • Safe Driving (Self-Defense, Roadside Breakdown, Tail Gating, etc.)

What You Will Learn

  • Q&A