Wish to learn more about general car care through the proper maintenance, repair techniques and safer driving tips? This is the course for you! The Car Maintenance Courses is a half day course designed by the team of car experts at TOC Automotive College to help you gain better knowledge on cars.


What Can You Learn from CM101:

  • Gain knowledge on basic car servicing
  • Aptitude to perform basic inspections - fluid levels (brake, power steering, engine oil and wipers) 
  • Ability to inspect wheels components and assess conditions (gauge tyre pressure and wear & tear conditions, rotate/change tyres)
  • Grasp the usage of basic tools (jumper cables, car jack)
  • Acquire insights on safe driving techniques and how to deal with less than ideal driving conditions  


3 hours course

CM101 Course Outline:

Lecture (Theory)

  • Introduction
  • Basic Important Car Components
  • Basic Service
  • Basic Tyres

Practical (Activities)

  • Basic Service
  • Tyres
  • Tools Management


  • Basic Maintenance Inspection

Talk on Safety

  • Safe Driving Tips & Techinques
  • Driving Maneuvers
  • How To Deal with Breakdowns and Less Than Ideal Road Conditions and Situations (Rain, Road Bully, Possible Theft etc.)

What Other Says About CM101: