Top 5 Advantages of being an Auto Technician

Image source: TOC Automotive College

Image source: TOC Automotive College

Every job has their own advantages, and well, of course some disadvantages. If that is the case, why not focus on the advantages rather than the disadvantages right? For every negative, you can turn it into a positive! If you plan to pursue your ambition in becoming an auto technician, here are some pros to it.

Doing what you love

It is utmost important to do what you love. With passion, comes great energy and the will to learn. Being an auto technician enables you to work on cars and even cars that you love. You get to be around cars every day; all kinds of cars. On a side note, you can also work on your own car! You are your own technician. That being said, you can save tons of money on repair works.

Career Advancement

You don’t need to stay stagnant doing the same thing for years. The auto industry has plenty to offer. Once knowledge and experience is gained, you level up or even get the chance to climb the management ladder. Aside from that, you can earn profit by doing part time jobs such as writing for cars or even buy and repair older vehicles and sell them for profit. If that is not enough, many auto technicians also start up their own business and become their own boss.

Career Stability

The auto industry is definitely one of the most stable industry around. Consumers in general do not change their cars often as it is expensive. However, repair and maintenance of a vehicle still needs to be done by a professional and they can’t possible run away from the problem. The need for professionals to repair and maintain cars remain relatively constant as cars are still the primary transportation for many out there. On a side note, many companies are always on the look-out for skilled auto technicians and the demand is still growing strong.


Being an auto technician also allows you to learn new technologies every day. This is because technologies in the auto industry is constantly evolving and growing. That being said, it is also a very fast-paced industry with loads to learn and gain skills from.


Helping others

By doing your job, you are also helping people. You fix problems! Your family and friends will need your assistance when it comes to their cars. Don’t look at that as a negative but rather a positive. Believe in good karma, always!

Now that I have listed down the pros and advantages of becoming an auto technician, (I am sure there are more), what do you think the cons are? From what I understand, many auto technicians work in a non-air conditioned place. For some, that may be a tad uncomfortable. However, some also like it that way! So at the end of the day, it all depends on individual.