This Company Is Recreating Eco-Friendly Classic Cars


Have you ever wanted to ride a classic car but also care a lot about the environment? Well, this company is making that dream come true, by recreating classic cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle and turning them into a more eco-friendly electric model.

Image from:  NJUS

Image from: NJUS

The magic is all thanks to Osamu Furukawa, the owner of Oz Motors based in Japan. His shop is one of the few garages in the world that specializes in “EV conversions,” or the process of turning a car with a combustion engine into one powered by electricity.

 The idea came to Mr Furukawa when he was deliberating what kind of business he should operate as a car remodeling agent in such an environmentally conscious era. He decided that he could turn commercially available gas-powered cars into electric ones. He started with classic car models like Messerschmitt and Isetta under the electric car remodeling project, and his business eventually took off.

However, the conversion costs of those vehicles are high because those electric cars are made to order. So Mr Furakawa decided that he could sell a ready-made classic car model.  Thus, the e-Bug model was born.

“I thought additional value must be added to establish the project as a business,” said Mr Furukawa.

So far, the most popular model by Mr Furukawa is the e-Bug, an electric car based on the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, which has stopped production in 2003. Both the interior and exterior of Oz Motors’ e-Bug is exactly the same as the original Beetle, including the classic Beetle’s round body.

Image from:  The Telegraph

Image from: The Telegraph

“The steering wheel is heavy and the motorist can feel vibrations while driving just in the same manner as the original Beetle,” said Mr Furukawa.

The e-Bug’s maximum driving range is about 70 to 90 kilometers, and it generates very little noise and breaks down less frequently than if owners themselves refurbish the car themselves. According to Mr Furukawa, even those who worry about the mechanics of automobiles can drive the electric model with peace of mind.

“The e-Bug can be called a futuristic classic car because the model boasts the same design as the Beetle in olden days but has the latest eco-friendly features and is not often plagued by mechanical problems, unlike aged vehicles,” Mr Furukawa said.

Image from:  Teller China

Image from: Teller China

The e-Bug is not cheap though, at a starting price of 2.65 million yen (about RM103,000), and can go even higher depending on the add-ons. However, for classic car enthusiasts, this is a small price to pay for being able to drive in style, and love the environment at the same time.

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