The Fastest Electric Car is now HERE!


You know, we thought we’ve seen it all when it comes to supercars, electric cars and even concept cars, but this, we are not prepared for this-Yet. Here it is, the NIO EP9. The car is now claimed to be the fastest electric supercar in the world.

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Well, if you must know, the car has broken the Nurburgring Nordschleife lap record for road-legal cars at a 6m 45.9s lap. For comparison, the Mercedes AMG’s all electric SLS recorded a 7m 56.23s lap. There are only 7 models built so far, each carrying a price tag of $1.48 million. The car is not street-legal in the US as of now, but they are working on getting it legal for the road.

Nio is an electric car start up from China and is now backed by many investors. The Chinese name “Weilai” means blue sky coming is represented on their symbol. In their website, they stated this, “In the past, cars gave people the freedom of mobility. In the future, cars will go one step further and free people from driving, giving them the freedom of time. It is a future we are excited to shape.” Honestly, that is a strong a true statement!

The Interior of the NIO EP9  (Image source:  )

The Interior of the NIO EP9 (Image source: )

Their offices are located in San Jose, Munich, London, Shanghai and eight other locations. The technology and software was developed by engineers at NIO U.S headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Here is the video on this supercar: