The 4 F’s of College Life

Image source: TOC Automotive College

Image source: TOC Automotive College

You may have your favourite time during primary or high school. However, college, is a little different. What really differs between school and college, is when you really learn how to “Adult”. At first, you can be a little sceptical to be in college. Honestly, it is way different than being in school.


When we say freedom, we don’t mean the late night partying and drinking. We mean independence. Some of you might need to live away from home to attend college and that, gives you the freedom to be independent. You are on your own. Besides that, you need to go out for a group discussion or meeting pertaining to a class assignment or study groups. In school, there is not much group discussion as most of us just go home and complete our homework. However in college, it works differently, and team work, plays a vital role in all aspects of your study life. In college, there is no restriction of where you can or cannot eat, so the choices are all yours.


You know, when you are still in school, you do not have to worry much about what you want to become or do in the future. However, as you step into college, you will realize that your dream is so close and so real. College is the time where it prepares you for the real working world and that, is an accountability. Flunking in college is not funny, because really, it decides your future and work. This is the time where you really get to understand your passion and skills. Is this the right course for you? Many are still stranded to what they really want, however, when you get to learn more about a particular subject, you get to figure it all out.

Image source: TOC Automotive College

Image source: TOC Automotive College


You make friends everywhere, including college. With freedom, that also means you as an adult, get the freedom to go out with your friends.  College is the time where you really spend time together as you do not need your parents to fetch you to places, instead, meet up each other by driving or by hailing a cab. You will also spend most of your time with them, in or after class. Best part, you get to graduate together.

Finding Yourself

Being in college makes you understand yourself even more. In school, you may be a shy and timid person. However, in college life, one is necessary to do presentations in front of the whole class, overcoming your fear and to be in groups. Besides that, you need to communicate with your lecturers more often that you did in school. Later on, you will undergo the internship programme, where you really have to stand out from the crowd.  You will become more independent and responsible. You will also be more exposed to a higher level of thinking. You don’t just read and study by the books, you research and strategize to make things work. You, will become a better YOU!

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