Take a Drive with these Songs!


There are plenty of songs in the list when you are in your car. However, some of these songs set the mood a little bit more. While you are bored in the jam, just play these songs and go with the groove. That being said, don’t be all “gangsta” on the road and follow the road rules :)

Here are some famous songs that are related to driving or cars!

Chamillionaire- Ridin’ feat Krayzie Bone

Snippet of the lyrics: When you see me ride by, they can see the glean, And my shine on the deck and the TV screen.


The song title may be “Drive”, but there are more life meanings to it. Drive can be derived in different forms. Example; Motivational/Energy etc.

Snippet of the lyrics: Will I choose water over wine? Hold the wheel and drive

White Mustang-Lana Del Rey

The title says it all! The white Mustang. However, she also has another song called “Ride” where she’s having a war in her mind and she just wants to ride on the open road.

Snippet of the lyrics: The day I saw your white Mustang, your white mustang

Car Wash- Christina Aguilera Feat Missy Elliott

This song is originally a song made for the animation “Shark Tale”.

Snippet of the lyrics: Well those cars never stop coming, keep those rags and machines humming

See you Again- Wiz Khalifa Feat Charlie Puth

Many car lovers will probably know or love this song. This is because the song was dedicated to Paul Walker on the last set of Furious 7.

Snippet of the lyrics: You were standing there by my side, and now you gon’ be with me for the last ride.

Maybach Music 2- Rick Ross Feat T-Pain, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

I mean come on, who doesn’t wants to flaunt a Maybach? Even these stars are all crazy about it that a song has to be made.

Snippet of the lyrics: New Crib: Lofton Where is that? Austin Where is that? Texas What's in front: Benzes What else? Lexus Well whose Maybach is this? Mr. West's

Riders on the Storm- Snoop Dogg Feat The Doors

If you have played Need for Speed Underground games, you have probably heard this song because it is one of the best soundtrack for this game. The music is perfect for long cruises.

Snippet of the lyrics: Pedal to the metal, I gotta go hard, drive by and say hello

Tokyo Drift Fast & Furious- The Teriyaki Boyz

Remember back in the days where this song was overplayed? Well, time to hit back the play button! This is also the soundtrack for Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) movie.

Snippet of the lyrics: We’re furious and fast, Supersonic like J.J Fad, and we ride till the wheels are flat.


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