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The Rise of Self Driving Cars And When They Will Take Over Conventional Driving

Since a few years ago, the much touted driverless car revolution was in full swing. Every car manufacturer had plans to bring about an autonomous vehicle into the market. Now, in 2018, the revolution is way behind schedule. There have been plenty of rumblings in the automotive market, but most of these driverless cars are in testing, or have not been deemed roadworthy to bring passengers around safely.

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Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars

Sometimes, we read about a baby being forgotten in the backseat of a car parked for hours under the hot sun. Other times, it’s a tragic story of how a child is run over by their parent’s car in the compound of their own house. Surely no parent wants to hurt their child deliberately, yet these things still happen because parents are human beings after all, and human beings are prone to making mistakes from time to time. While some things may be unavoidable, there are a few important steps we can take to ensure that our vehicles are safe, especially for our kids:

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New Car Safety Technology Keeps Us All Safer On The Roads...At A Cost

When it comes to getting a new car, safety is one of the biggest factors to consider. However, despite technology rapidly growing, advanced driver assistance systems which help to boost up the safety of the car are bumping up the price of car repairs. According to a survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA), these new technologies, among them blind spot monitors, lane keeping assistance and forward collision warnings, are used to help keep drivers safer on the roads.

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