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Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Imagine you’re driving down the highway. Even if your radio is too loud to hear any sirens, the first thing you’d often notice the are colourful lights flashing in your rear or side view mirrors. It doesn’t matter what colour those lights are, the moment you see them you instinctively know to move out of the way.

Did you know that these lights carry different meanings according to their colour? Let’s examine a few of the more common lights being used by emergency vehicles on roads today.

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5 FAQs About Fixing Up Your Car’s Air Cond System

In Malaysia, one of the most important components of our cars is the air conditioning system. With our hot and humid weather, it’s a relief to just pop into your car and turn on the air conditioning to the maximum and enjoy the cool air wash over you. But did you know that over time, a car’s air conditioning system will slowly become less and less effective, until you reach a point where the air cond is just blasting hot air at you.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Road Safety

Just three years ago in 2015, the United Nations launched what is known as the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. Commonly referred to as the ‘global goals’, these seventeen goals were designed as a framework for governments, organizations, and even individuals like you and me pursue three broad outcomes: to end extreme poverty, to fight inequality and injustice, and to tackle climate change, all by the year 2030.

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Multiple Languages for Automotive Customer Service

Malaysia is a multi-cultural society, which means that we live in a very unique customer service environment. Having different cultures in any geographic area also means that there are different languages being spoken by people who live there. In the Malaysian context, this generally means that there are those speaking Chinese dialects, Indian dialects, and in certain states, even different dialects of Bahasa Malaysia.

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