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A Motorcycle Robot May Soon Help Make Motorcycling Safer

We’re always complaining about how robots will rise up and snatch up all our jobs, but today we want to thank the robots for taking over a job and researching ways to make us all safer. What are we talking about? Well, BMW has created a self-riding motorcycle that can start from a stop, negotiate curves and corners, and come back to a halt, all without a human intervention.

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5 Innovative Motorbikes That Are The Next Big Thing

As technology grows, cars aren’t the only thing that have been subjected to improvements and innovations. Motorcycles too are slowly being revamped to fit with modern tastes and needs, as well as fitted with plenty of technological advancements.

So today, we will look at some of the best motorcycles in the market, and how even two-wheelers can be as cool as their four wheeled counterparts.

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