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Debunking The Myths of Car Care Tips

The Internet is awash with articles which teach you how to take care of your car. In fact, as it does with anything online, some of these car care tips seem to have taken on lives of their own. A lot of it, like the articles your family members may forward in Whatsapp group chats, sound like logical advice, but will definitely end up costing you extra money and time in the long run.

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The Rise of Self Driving Cars And When They Will Take Over Conventional Driving

Since a few years ago, the much touted driverless car revolution was in full swing. Every car manufacturer had plans to bring about an autonomous vehicle into the market. Now, in 2018, the revolution is way behind schedule. There have been plenty of rumblings in the automotive market, but most of these driverless cars are in testing, or have not been deemed roadworthy to bring passengers around safely.

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