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5 Types of Motorbikes!

Nowadays, in this era there are various type of motorbikes that catches our eyes! There are pros and cons for every of it! You may have heard the word “KAPCAI” if you are a local. For those who don’t, it is your common conventional motorcycle that you normally see on the road. Some would prefer to call it “Underbone” instead. DO u think you are pro enough about motorbikes? Let’s find out!

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5 Exclusive Car Shows

The most exclusive car show in the world, the Top Marques Monaco car show is the only live automobile show in the world where guests can try out selected supercars on a closed circuit of the Famous F1 track from a “menu”. The event takes place annually at the Grimaldi Forum in the principality of Monaco. The show features exclusive supercars, luxury aircrafts, boats, jewellery, real estates and even wine products.

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