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Is This The Next Generation Of Tires?

For the past century or so, most vehicles have been using the classic pneumatic tires, filled with air and encased in rubber. The classic tire has served drivers and their passengers very well, but now, Michelin is looking to improve on the classic. Introducing the Tweel Airless Tire. Tweel is a play on words for Tire & Wheel because the Tweel doesn’t use a traditional wheel hub assembly. It’s essentially a solid inner hub mounted to the axle and surrounded by polyurethane spokes arrayed in a pattern of wedges

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This Company Is Changing Course: From Vacuums To Cars!

Dyson, the brand name that is more known for its expensive range of vacuums, hand dryers and fans seems to be expanding its scope to other areas; namely cars. Last year, James Dyson announced that Dyson was planning to build an electric car. That was all. There were no specs, vehicle models, or costing announced after that bombshell. However, three new patent applications by Dyson offer an early look at how the company is designing its vehicles.


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After Balik Kampung: Inspecting Your Car

No matter the festive season, be it Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or any other, most Malaysians share one thing in common: we all share the ‘balik kampung’ tradition. Most people usually travel by hopping into their family cars and spending hours upon hours driving on our nation’s highways. We’ll go over a few reasons why you should give your vehicle a little extra care after your balik kampung adventures, just as much as you would do before you go on your long road trip.

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