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Automotive Oil Recycling

No matter what kind of automobile it is, it uses many different kinds of oils such as those which exist in the form of lubrication oils used in the engine, fluids used in hydraulics, as well as gear oils used in the transmission gear box, to name a few. It’s common knowledge that those oils cannot simply be disposed of by pouring it down the drain and into the ocean, so what actually happens to those oils? Well, those oils get recycled!

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Recycling Materials from Cars

It’s easy to assume that once a car is sent off to a junkyard that it’s life story has come to a complete end. This is completely inaccurate. When processed properly, almost every single part of a car can be broken down, taken apart, recycled, and put back into the economy in one form or another. It wouldn’t even be surprising if cars and their materials end up completely recycled and used to produce brand new cars!

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