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Communicating Problems To Your Mechanic

After awhile, your car almost seems to become like an extension of your own body. You start to ‘become one with the car’, and almost as if you’ve developed a sixth sense, you are able to know when something just isn’t quite right. You can tell by a slight noise your car makes, or even by how it feels just a little different when you’re driving it down the same road you’ve driven on many times before. Unfortunately, when you take your car in to the workshop for a mechanic to examine it, you may be at a loss for words on how to describe the problem that you just know you car is struggling with.

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Challenges and Solutions for Disabled Drivers

Quite often, we only hear discussions about ‘accessibility’ for disabled people in the form of having ramps in and around buildings, on sidewalks, or public transportation to make it easier for them to navigate around those areas. However, what this article focuses on is the challenge of vehicular mobility for disabled people, referring to their ability to move around the town or city that they live in by using automobiles.

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