TOC is where I started to envision my dreams


What are you currently up to now?

After completing my Diploma in Motorsports Technology at TOC Malaysia, I continued my studies at Edith Cowan University (Perth, Australia). I am now on my last semester and can’t wait to graduate with a Bachelor in Motorsports Engineering.  That being said, I believe education never stops.


How has TOC changed your life?

Studying at TOC has definitely given me a lot of knowledge on the automotive industry. It has also given me a fair amount of valuable experiences throughout my studies there.

Thoughts on the Automotive Industry

It is an industry where it will never stop expanding and growing. The industry alone is also filled with opportunities for the young ones; be it solely for wealth and success or for those who wants to venture deeper for the passion they have. The sky’s the limit in this ever-evolving industry.


Current Hobbies

I am currently obsess with the cycle of breaking and building “bimmers” in my garage. From this hobby, I hope to learn as much as possible so that it will be beneficial for my future plans.


Advice for students who wants to pursue an education in the automotive industry

My advice would definitely be “Never settle for what is less”. If what you want is an education, knowledge and an experience in the industry, please do whatever it takes to get there and venture into it. TOC is where I started to envision my dreams and I hope, it goes the same for you.  


Favourite cars and why

The F82 M4, E46 M3, E92 M3. I like my fair share of JDMs like the GTR R35, GTR R34, Supra JZA80 and the GC8 STI Coupe. Why? Is it because of 3 things they all have in common; First class, 2 doors and a built-in monster!