Soaking in your own vehicle?


Yup, you got that right. Some people have the craziest idea in the world. Like, who would have thought of building a Jacuzzi or even a barbecue pit in your car? Anything is possible right?

This stretched-out Mini Cooper has six passenger seats and a Jacuzzi at the rear end! Well, looks legit!

These duo engineers are hoping to set a new record by travelling at more than 100mph in the Jacuzzi car. Talk about goals! They transformed a 1969 Cadillac DeVille into a moving hot tub. Sounds great for the cold nights. The engine is used to power the car and heat the hot tub to around 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can watch the duo here:

Moving on, we have this YouTube star by the name of Colin Furze. Not only has he built a hot tub in his vehicle; there’s also a barbecue pit! He converted his BMW 3 Series into a self-relaxing vehicle. Oh, and the exterior is covered with fake grass.

Are you ready for this? Keeping the best for last right? This is the longest car/limo recorded on the Guinness Book of Record and is owned by car collector and designer Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California. It has a pool and a freaking helipad! Sorry, we also missed out on the King-sized water bed. This car is seriously out of this world.


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