Rich Kids of China in America


If these kids were to speak a language, it would be the expensive cars they owned. Hold up! They are just teenagers. Yup! These ultra-rich kids from China are spoiled with designer clothes and luxurious cars. Car lovers will be envious of their wealth, but if they are a car lover and has the luxury to own one, it is like killing two birds with one stone. Let’s break it down for you.

Image source:   Weymi Cho in a Ferrari 488 at a luxury auto dealer in Vancouver

Image source:

Weymi Cho in a Ferrari 488 at a luxury auto dealer in Vancouver

Back in 2014, a video of a secret meet-up in Southern California went viral. Reason? The China’s ultra-rich kids flaunt their expensive cars at private parties and functions. The number of these China kids are growing especially in the United States. Let’s take a great example from, a staff writer wrote an insight on this community. A student by the name of Weymi Cho said her father wanted their English to be strong and always wanted to send them to the West. In a culture where poverty and thrift were long the norm, their extravagances have become notorious. Weymi Cho owns a white Maserati GranTurismo with a red leather interior.

Chelsea Jiang is another rich kid on the list. She was raised in Beijing and eventually moved to Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia to study Math. She is also the founder of a fashion line called C3 and is a mother. In an interview with Richmond news, she said; “My parents are helping me financially, but it is me who are making the decisions.” She also said, “I am not spoiled nor do I act like one. I worked as a waitress when I was 18. Everything I have in my life, I earned it from my hard work.”

Image source:

Image source:

However, not all are there to just show off their cars. Some, like Nick Lam, is there to own a business and target these rich kids. He connects his elite clientele with the perfect cars. He is 25 and is the co-founder and CEO of New York Auto Depot. He assists rich Chinese students to buy ultra- luxury vehicles. With an interview with, he said: “The price of the cars is so cheap, so they buy luxury cars like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.” This is because elite cars in China can cost more than 250 percent of the US price.

The owner of this Ferrari California told Vocativ that this is the newest of his three Ferraris. He goes to school in California in this car because, well, the name matches it.

However, these elite group who are flaunting their wealth, mostly on Instagram caught the China government’s attention. They have been warned by the Chinese government to stop splashing their wealth on Instagram. The president has been taking some drastic measures but he is unable to crack down on social media. Well, like it or you don’t with all these wealth-flashing, at least we know what are they up to! Like the saying goes, “If you have it, then flaunt it.”

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