More than just Cars!


Car makers these days are selling more than just cars alone. When it comes to business, profit-making and branding, the sky’s the limit! Many brands out there are expanding their range of products in order to keep up with customer’s needs and wants.

Here are some car makers who makes more than just cars!


Volkswagen products are for customers who love the brand, of course. Their main objective is for customers to voice their brand appreciation- loud and clear. They have clothing’s for men, women and kids. From shirts to headwear, you name it.


Ferrari is one of the most successful when it comes to product merchandising. Their products costs a bomb, but fans will pay the price because of their love for the brand. Ferrari positions themselves strongly that when a customer wears and carries their products, they show pride. From clothes to collectibles, they have it all.


They don’t only rely on their supercars, but on merchandise too! Their fashion aim? “Sophisticated detailing on even the most casual looks”.


BMW on the other hand, offers a variety of mini merchandise, perfect for gifts. From Key chains to notebooks, they have it all. Of course they are also not missing out on premium items and apparels. The BMW products are priced reasonably, even after conversion.

Fun with CarsLee Shermaine