Mobile Massager


Have you ever wished that your car seats can be turned on as a massager? There are times when you are stressed out and just needed that extra comfort; a massage. Well, the wish has already been made by some car manufacturers. Luxury car manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve drivers’ comfort. Imagine going for a long trip, the massage chair would be such a luxury. Ultimately, you can also buy a separate massager and install it in your car!

Let’s take a look at some cars with massage functions!


Back in 2014, they’ve made a car of my dreams. Why? This car lets you activate a scent-control system for “aromatherapy air”. For a fragrance freak like me, I am into it. The scent includes sports mood, nightlife mood, downtown mood, and freeside mood. So, change the fragrance when you feel like it! Of course, not forgetting the optional massage chair. This is just not any normal massage chair, it’s a HOT STONE massage. You got that right. Mercedes developed a programmable system with 14 separately actuated cushions that works with electric heating.

That’s not all, you can even set the “mood lighting” for the ultimate spa experience. The optional ambient lighting lets you choose among 7 different colours to suit your mood. Buyers can also order a package consists of a foot rest, cup holders that heat or cool your drinks, folding tables and ventilation in the seat. Imagine all those back in 2014, they’ve made a better one for the 2019 Mercedes-Benz S-class.


Audi has developed a “relaxation seat”, even in their latest Audi A6 where heating and ventilation are all in the same package. However, the A8L very much focuses on a foot massage. The footrest is adjustable affixed to the backrest of the front passenger seat; which means, you can stretch as far as you like! It even has the ability to warm your feet with a heating mechanism. Audi invited a number of strangers to try out their massage function. Here’s the video below!


You can call this a family car because it’s huge and comfortable. Both of the front seats have 30-way adjustability and offers a good massage with cooling or heating function. What about the back seats? Well, the back-seat passengers don’t get a massage chair but they get their own audio and climate controls. The third row? They get plenty of legroom and the ability to recline their seats for ultimate comfort.  According to the site , “you truly cannot hear the engine at idle with the only sounds at a stop coming from the slow inflation of the air bladders in the Navigator’s massaging 30-way adjustable “perfect position” seats or the shockingly good revel audio system”. I can already imagine myself snoring away.


BMW 7 Series

Look at the beautiful starry night lights! You can even daydream in your car.

This car brings the ultimate spa to you. Massage seats are not justifiable enough to call it a “spa”. So what more? The car includes ambient lighting, exercise programme, motion-sensor music controls, night sky lighting on the ceiling, temperature control and bespoke perfumes. Talk about a spa in the car! The detachable tablet allows passenger to control everything from the armrest to the lightings.

LEXUS LX 570 MBS Edition

This special edition of the Lexus LX 570 comes with the MBS active smart seat. MBS also provides for other cars such as the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Infinity QX80 and Nissan Patrol. This special edition is sold in Dubai by Mercury Global Dubai. The smart seat has a 12 contour point massage system with an electronically controlled length of popliteal support. The seat also has a multifunctional lumbar support and an adjustable side support. The seat is focused on your back health as well as comfort. Alternatively, customers of the stock Lexus LX 570 can opt to install the seat from the manufacturer.

Now, I really need a massage.