Invention of the Automobile


Invention of the Automobile

Importance & Impact

Can you imagine, if we still have to walk or even ride horses until today? If no one invented any sort of vehicle, we can’t even travel far within a short amount of time. Today, the invention of the automobile has changed the way we live. Not only does it help the economy in so many unimaginable ways, it also creates convenience to people. 

Karl Benz was the first practical inventor of the modern automobile. His first invention was a three-wheeled, gas powered carriage, also known as the “Motorwagen”. It was not the first invention of that sort, as a matter of fact, many had the idea. However, Benz managed to patent the vehicle. Henry Ford on the other hand, innovated the mass production of vehicles. What could we say? Thank you!

Today, is has become a necessity, especially in our daily lives. Reviewing a transcript by Anthony Barbosa, it quotes, “Suburbanization began, garages began being built on houses, and highways began to span countries. You could now visit relatives in a matter of a few hours rather than days. It was a personalized individual transportation that brought about great changes in day to day living, through economics and politics.”  

The invention of the automobile also promoted growth for other industries. The main few were, Petroleum, rubber and steel. Today, it benefits almost every industry. The bloom in automotive also creates new workforce and facilities such as gas stations, garages, convenience stalls and even restaurants. 

The car manufacturing has become one of the largest industries in the world. This alone, makes way for new jobs and opportunities.  Today, the industry has reconstruct the economy, transportation means and cultural context. 

What seemed as a mode of transportation back then, is now a symbol of status. The type of car one drives speaks a lot about a person’s status and lifestyle. Modifying and tuning cars are now considered a hobby and it attracts millions around the world; especially car enthusiasts. 

Plucking a quote from, “Without automobiles, life as we know it would not be the same, and the changes that they have brought upon the earth can be seen in every aspect of society”.