Internship programme with MisterTyre for TOC Automotive College students

Photo:  Adelaine Foo, CEO of TOC Automotive College, exchanging agreement documents for the internship programme with Dennis Melka, Executive Director of MisterTyre.    Image from:   Motor Trader

Photo: Adelaine Foo, CEO of TOC Automotive College, exchanging agreement documents for the internship programme with Dennis Melka, Executive Director of MisterTyre.

 Image from:  Motor Trader

While gaining a degree of diploma is of importance as a starting point to working life, just as important is to be able to gain experience because that is what many employers also look for. Many companies, especially the smaller ones, do not have the time or resources to take in new employees with little or no experience and then train them because they need people who can get into the job as quickly as possible.

Of course, experience can only be gained if one is employed and if you are not demanding in your salary, a company may take you in and that gives you a chance to gain the experience. However, there are also opportunities through internships to gain working experience and many internships are in the field which you have studied for or keen to get into.

For a number of students at the TOC Automotive College in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, there will be a chance to gain real-world experience through an internship programme which has been offered by MisterTyre Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a local company which offers automotive aftersales services at your doorstep.

TOC and MisterTyre today signed an Internship Partnership Agreement which will help Malaysian carcare professionals prepare themselves for the digital economy.

“Through the programme, TOC’s students will have a chance to gain experience in the working world and exposure to the digital economy for automotive service and e-commerce. With this collaboration, our students will not only be able to be placed in the industry successfully but will also be able to extend their coursework knowledge beyond the classroom. This aligns with the college’s innovative vision in providing the best learning experience and to providing practical experience for students, grooming them to become world-class automotive specialists,” said Adelaine Foo, CEO of the college which has been operating since 2004.

Ms Foo said that the programme will commence in January 2018 and outstanding trainees may be offered full-time placement at MisterTyre after they complete their internship period.

Working at MisterTyre, the interns will provide services to motorists for new tyre replacements and wheel balancing/alignment, engine oil change and battery replacement. More services, all of which will be provided using a mobile service centre, will be added in future.

Introducing the MisterTyre business concept, Dennis Melka, the company’s Executive Director and Founder, said that the new approach is the first in Asia and is starting in the Klang Valley in Malaysia. Customers can call for services via a mobile app on their smartphone and subject to availability, be attended to between 8 am and 10 pm daily.

Through having lower operating costs, Mr. Melka said that he can offer better prices and by buying goods direct from the manufacturer, he will be able to pass on savings to customers in the region of 5% to 15%. MisterTyre will also offer a wide range of brands to choose from; for example, there are 28 brands of tyres available, including Goodyear, with different price ranges.

“The MisterTyre business model is a significant departure from the traditional ‘store’ model and will be very ‘disruptive’ in the industry,” Mr. Melka said.

He added that the internship programme is a win-win solution for TOC’s students and MisterTyre as it enables them to be trained in a digital environment without exposure to a traditional auto shop work culture. “These young technicians will be trained in the usage of high-end equipment while learning the soft skills for customer engagement in a tech-enabled mobile environment,” he said.

Article source:  Motor Trader by Chips