Going for GOLD!

Image source:  https://gineersnow.com

What you’re looking here is a solid Gold Lamborghini Aventador! Its starting price for the auction is set at a hefty $7.5 million price tag back in 2013. Can you imagine the price now? The car is carved out of 500 kilogram of solid gold and the rest with precious metal. Gülpen says on his website that he'll build the car out of whatever the buyer wants--as long as they have the money. Although it is clearly not made for the road; but more for the eyes (pun intended), the car comes with three entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, including the most expensive model car, the most secure showcase, and the most luxurious logo. How can anything top that? Seriously.


Have you seen this Gold plated Nissan GT-R? I mean, look at that finishing detail on its body. If you are not crazy about the design, I surely am! With a price tag of $1 Million, this stunning Gold plated car is dubbed as “Godzilla” and was displayed at the Automechanika car show in Dubai two years ago. The engraving was done by Takahiko Izawa, Artis and Kuhl Racing. I mean, they did a pretty neat job! The project’s main coordinator, Kazuyo Furusho said that this is one of its kind in Japan and the only in the world. Currently, they have received plenty of enquiries from elite Emirati personalities who wants to buy the car. Not a surprise!

Classy, simple and elegant; that’s how I would describe this car. It has the perfect amount of Gold touches and trimmings. This Austin Healey has 24K Gold trim and real ivory steering wheel. Every piece of exterior trim was covered in Gold plating; even the wipers! The key is also plated in Gold and came with a solid 24k gold keychain replica of the car. *Imagine holding those car keys; I think I’d be worried* But then again, only the elite buyers will own this car; which they will have their own personal bodyguards. The steering wheel and all the interior knobs are made from ivory, while the seats and floor mats are made from Mink. If you’re an animal lover and protector, you’d probably scratch this idea.

This particular car has its story. A gold-plated DeLorean, one of only three ever made, has turned up in a dusty garage in the US after going missing for years! According to the site, www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk , “The 24-carat version of the legendary car dropped out of sight after it was made in the early 1980s at the DeLorean factory in Dunmurry on the outskirts of Belfast. The other two are known to be in museums in the United States, one in Los Angeles and one in Nevada, with this third example – which has just 642 miles on the clock – the only one in private hands”. There were problems with removing stains on the gold plate and keeping the windows and other glass in place. DeLorean aficionados now hold conventions all over the world and cars sell for many times their original price – largely thanks to the hit movie as well as the car's unique construction and the legend of the Belfast factory.

Don’t be fooled by the Red colour. Look at that shiny gleam; its real gold! You can see the subtle golden sparkles coming from its metallic red finish. Nissan spokesman Dan Passe said flecks were added to make “regal red” even more regal and it doesn’t come cheap.

The last but not least, a Mercedes V10. I know you’re probably thinking this is not gold, but hey! It’s White Gold. The cost of this “Jewellery store on wheels” is reported to be $2.5 million and is apparently owned by an Abu Dhabi Billionaire. There’s no hard facts on who owns it but still,  a crazy purchase. However, there are words going around that rich emirates are splurging on all kinds of extravagant items and projects while the poor go to bed hungry every night. What do you think? You be the judge!