Choosing a college 101


Choosing a college to enrol in is no easy feat. There are many factors to consider before you make the right decision. Enrolling into a college isn’t like buying clothes or shoes, it is an important decision; a decision that will decide your future career. Yes, you can always opt to pull out, but that’s not very nice isn’t it? Here are a few factors to consider before making up your mind.

First and foremost. DO NOT let peer pressure get in the way of your college and education choice. This is your life and your ambition. Ask yourself, what is your passion? What do you want to do in the future? If you already have the answer to that, you can narrow down your choice of colleges around.

Specialization & Study Methods

There are many colleges and universities around, but you need to research and find out what courses the institution offers. Different institutions have their own specialization of courses. For example, if you want to pursue your education in the automotive industry, TOC Automotive College offers you just that! The college alone focuses and emphasizes on different automotive courses, and at the same time, feeding on your passion. Do also ask yourself if you prefer practical or theory. Ask a counsellor on the percentage of practical vs theory.

Recognition & Quality

Is the college recognized by the industry? Who are their industry partners? Are they recognized internationally? What awards have they gained? These are the questions you need to know the answers to. This is vital especially if you are looking for jobs after graduating. If you and your parents are satisfied with the answers and statements from the institution, it will put your mind at ease. How sure are you that the college is “quality driven”? Well, you can always look up for their mission and vision to see what their focus is. You can also evaluate the institution’s accreditations on their website.

Student’s Welfare

This is priority whenever choosing a college. A student’s welfare should also be a focus in all institutions. Will you be nurtured, mould and taken care of? In college, you will be treated as an adult unlike schooling. However, if you have concerns, be sure there is a department, eg; student services or counsellor you can go to for assistance. Apart from that, are there any activities initiated by the college that promotes health and fun at the same time? This shows that an institution cares for your well-being and mental health aside from learning. On a side note, check with the college is they have financial assistance in any form (Grant/PTPTN/Scholarships etc) if you need any.

Facilities & Equipment’s

Request for a campus tour to take a look at the classrooms, environment, cleanliness, and facilities. You will spend most of your study time in the campus, so being comfortable is key in this aspect. Most international students or students who are from outstation may need a place to rent. Check if the college will provide assistance to those in need of accommodation and transportation.


A part of your future is cultivated by the college. Find out on the available university partners if you aspire to achieve a higher education. Internship or Supervised Industrial Training is crucial to prepare you for the real working world. It is important for an institution to guide a student through the SIT programme and find the right training ground for them.