Cars that Jump and Hop


In other words, we call it Hydraulic cars or low-riders. I am pretty sure you have seen a couple of movies that has a jumping car in the background; or one riding on it while it bounces. This is not a new thing, however, it is popular in southern California. For some, it may be a tad too tacky, but for some, they love the way it looks.

These cars don’t just hop and jump, it dances too! Believe it or not, they even have dance competition for cars. Low-riders are a part of a car culture. There are way too many car culture around that never cease to amaze me. You name it! From JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), off-roading, interior or exterior customization, car sound systems, and the list goes on. So, how does it work? Car hydraulics raises and lowers the height of a vehicle. Low-rider hydraulics enables the car to bounce up and down as well as jump or hop to six feet off the ground.

The most common type of suspension is an air suspension. The metal springs are replaced with a very strong rubber bag. However, both air and hydraulic suspensions are considered height adjustments suspensions. Low-riders are significantly expensive to build but many sees it as a worthwhile hobby.


Video Credit: Primecutpro

These low-rider enthusiasts takes competition very seriously. Most of the time, they are their own modifier. From paint jobs to custom moves, they are responsible for the built and maintenance of their own vehicle. However, these cars are difficult to drive compared to normal cars due to their modifications; but then again, driving is not their main thing, performance is. According to the site , low-rider culture is not just a car, it’s a way of life. I guess that actually sums up for most car enthusiasts out there.





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