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Times and Technology are changing. The world we live in today requires skills, experience and ideation. In every industry, those 3 components are vital. If you have passion and love for cars and all things automotive, then the automotive industry is a sector that you should strongly consider. Do not be afraid to explore education in a different manner. If you look at it as a niche education sector, you may be wrong! Today, the automotive industry is growing rapidly and your career opportunities are endless.

Career wise in the automotive sector can be very interesting. You can opt to be in Sales and Marketing, Technical side, Manufacturing, Technology and Development, and the list goes on. Most of these job scopes requires you to have a certain level of automotive education.  Apart from that, we all know how fast technology changes in the automotive sector; there is no doubt about it. Give yourself a challenge to always keep up with the latest technology and equipment’s’ in the automotive world. That being said, auto-makers are always on the lookout for new talents to join in their workforce.

Most automotive technician job requires a general knowledge of all the mechanical components of a vehicle. It is a necessity today to have a qualification in order to enter the automotive workforce. If you love working with your hands, building, and solving problems, automotive education is a great option. Most of the time, when an automotive technician has gained enough experience through years of working, they tend to open up their own business. It may be a risk, but they feel like these skills are earned and not many people have it. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to be their OWN BOSS.

Moving on, customer service is equally important in the automotive field. One can always take up a course on customer service. The qualification will give you an edge in your career and build your self-confidence.  Business models in the automotive sector has shift its focus from production volume into subscription models and services. This shift today, is fundamental that affects every role across an organization. According to the site, , “To succeed in this competitive environment, manufacturers must continue to develop high-quality vehicle volumes but embrace innovative ways to meet customers’ rising digital expectations.”

Every year, technology changes and so do communication and network. That being said, companies are always keeping up with new ideas to sell, network and design. It is also how auto-makers maintain and gain new customers.

A career in the automotive industry is incredibly rewarding. With your colleagues, you can have a very direct impact on people’s lives, because cars are everywhere and they’re a huge part of modern culture. It fills you with a great sense of pride and personal satisfaction when you see a car you have helped to create out on the open road, or on a show stand”. –Marcus Youden, Head of Operations at McLaren Automotive-

Last but not least, it is good news to those who have passion in cars and bikes as the automotive sector in Malaysia is growing rapidly. “The key figures presented in 2018 are a clear signal that the automotive industry intends to lead Malaysia’s drive towards emerging as a serious contender in the regional and global markets,” said Ong Kian Ming, the Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry.

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