Mohamad Redza

I am currently working for Automobile Association of Singapore (based in Singapore) and my job scope requires me to do repair works on cars. On certain days, I will also handle the operations side and give technical advice when necessary.

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STARS of TOCLee Shermaine
So You Want to Be A Racer?

Do you dream of going racing?  Let’s have a look at what is actually involved?

Frequently asked questions by wannabe racers include:

- What skills do I need?

- How do I start?

- Will I get paid?

- Why is it so expensive?

- Can I become an F1 driver or MotoGP rider?

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Better Waiting Areas for Automotive Customers

When a customer brings their car, truck, or motorcycle into an automotive garage, the jobs necessary can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. For some customers, they’re willing to leave their vehicles with the workshop and then go somewhere else. Others however, prefer to wait on-premises for the work to be completed.

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Handling Automotive Customer Comments Online

The internet is arguably the greatest tool that can be used in automotive customer service. It allows automotive businesses like showrooms and workshops to reach a much wider audience to market their products and services and potentially increase their revenues by huge margins. For the automotive customers, it’s a great way to find the service providers within their reach, close to home.

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Body Language in Automotive Customer Care

In automotive customer service, some of the most important objectives when interacting with customers is to make them feel comfortable, earn their trust, and help them resolve whatever problems or issues they may have. While most of this depends on the employee’s verbal communication skills, it cannot be denied that non-verbal communication abilities are equally if not more important.

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This Country Wants To Track Its Citizens’ Cars With RFID Chips

After the news broke that the Chinese government is “rating” its citizens, there was an understandable outroar at the Big Brother-esque move. However, the Chinese government seems to be taking it all in stride and are taking it one step further. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Chinese government are readying a program that will make it possible to track citizens’ cars using RFID chips. The kicker? This program will be mandatory for all new vehicles in 2019.

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3 Things Which Make Great Customer Service Advisors

Service advisors, service writers, ASMs, service consultants; all these are the names given to the automotive service advisor; the person who is supposed to be “serving the customer” in automotive centers’ service departments. But despite their various titles and names, what exactly is it that an automotive service advisor does?

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The IndustryJoel Wongacs
Tesla Is Building Cars In Its...Parking Lot?! Here’s Why!

Tesla, everyone’s favorite electric car maker is having a bit of trouble, specifically in terms of producing its Model 3 sedan cars. Because of the overwhelming demand created for its cars, the company is supposed to be producing a lot of cars, in the range of about 5,000 units weekly, while staying profitable; a goal that CEO Elon Musk said would be achievable at the end of 2017. With Tesla investors starting to ask a lot of questions, the need to produce more cars has gotten even more dire.

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4 Ways To Be A Perfect Passenger

As drivers, we don’t usually know the feeling of what it’s like to be a passenger. This is why the world is so full of the infamous backseat drivers; passengers who nag, complain and sometimes even ridicule your driving skills to the point where you’ll get angry. There are some passengers who even give you directions (that’s what a GPS is for), or even drag you into arguments or conversations and distract you from driving properly.

So today, we decided to take a look at how YOU can be a perfect passenger on the road, and how being the perfect passenger can reduce or even prevent distracted driving.

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Phone Etiquette for Automotive Customer Service

When people think of the term ‘customer service’, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a person sitting behind a reception desk welcoming customers. A customer service professional talks to customers, advises them, and usually has to receive and resolve any complaints they may have.

However, in automotive customer service all of these activities doesn’t just take place face-to-face, it also takes place on the telephone!

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Building Rapport in Automotive Customer Service

When interacting with customers, one of the most helpful skills you can have is the skill of building rapport.

Having rapport means having a warm and understanding connecting with another human being; in this case, your customers. By building rapport with your customers, you’ll be able to help them feel welcome and relaxed, and they’ll trust you to help them with their problems.

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