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The 7 Best Motorcycles For New Riders

If you’re a new motorcycle rider, you may have a hard time picking your first motorbike. We’re not talking about the normal motorbikes that everyone is riding here in Malaysia, which are more perfect to get you more accustomed to riding a bike. These are the flashier bikes which will really give you the feeling of being a motorcycle rider. These are the bikes that will help you develop skill, save money, and have fun. It may look intimidating but that’s why we’re here to help you. Here are 7 motorbikes that are perfect for new riders.

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5 Learning Habits for Automotive Students

Being an automotive college student can be quite challenging. One of the major differences between automotive college students and those of other fields is that not only are they spending much of their time in classrooms, they also spend a significant amount of their time working in hands-on, practical lessons. Practical lessons can be tiring and after a long day, the thought of revising or studying theory can be quite unappealing. So what habits can automotive college students implement in order to maximize their learning? Here are a few….

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5 Innovative Motorbikes That Are The Next Big Thing

As technology grows, cars aren’t the only thing that have been subjected to improvements and innovations. Motorcycles too are slowly being revamped to fit with modern tastes and needs, as well as fitted with plenty of technological advancements.

So today, we will look at some of the best motorcycles in the market, and how even two-wheelers can be as cool as their four wheeled counterparts.

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How The Modern Airbag Suits Work For Motorcyclists

Whether you’re riding casually on the street or professionally on the race track, you should be prepared to know that crashing is an unfortunate reality as a part of the whole motorcycling experience. This is why so many companies have slowly invested in developing increasingly effective safety gear such as helmets and body suits.

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