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Car Fire Extinguishers

There are plenty of reasons why a fire could be taking place, but imagine your vehicle is on fire and now you have to stop immediately and get to safety. What options do you have to save your beloved car and remove the danger? The most obvious first step would be to call the fire brigade, but they would take quite a bit of time to get to your car and by then the flames would have probably engulfed your entire car.

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This Carmaker Lets You Summon Your Car Through Your Phone

Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in the world, with their electric cars poised to sweep across the world with their sleek looks, amazing features and futuristic possibilities. However, they may be taking it one step further with their latest rollout feature; allowing car owners to remotely control their cars through their phones.

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5 Learning Habits for Automotive Students

Being an automotive college student can be quite challenging. One of the major differences between automotive college students and those of other fields is that not only are they spending much of their time in classrooms, they also spend a significant amount of their time working in hands-on, practical lessons. Practical lessons can be tiring and after a long day, the thought of revising or studying theory can be quite unappealing. So what habits can automotive college students implement in order to maximize their learning? Here are a few….

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Tires that goes Side to Side!

William Liddiard proves it by creating an omnidirectional wheel for cars. The Canadian inventor posted his video on YouTube with the caption “You’ve never seen a car do this” back in 2016 and hopes to sell his product to a big company when it is ready. Omni wheels are widely used for robotics research and engineering but not so much on cars. So, let’s sit back, and enjoy what the future has in store for us.

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So You Want to Be A Racer?

Do you dream of going racing?  Let’s have a look at what is actually involved?

Frequently asked questions by wannabe racers include:

- What skills do I need?

- How do I start?

- Will I get paid?

- Why is it so expensive?

- Can I become an F1 driver or MotoGP rider?

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This Company Is Incorporating SPACE TECH To Make Your Motorbike Safer

Riding on a motorcycle makes all of us more vulnerable as compared to sitting in a car. It’s part of the risk of riding a bike, but it’s also for the thrill. For many years, motorcycle manufacturers have been working to increase the safety of the riders with technologies like inflatable vests, smart helmets and others to increase the protection on the riders. Some are successful, some, not so much.

So where will the next inspiration come from? Well, German manufacturer Bosch thinks that the next big break may come from space, the final frontier.

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Wan Mohd Zafuan Adi

Before this I did aircraft and aircraft maintenance, but I felt like that it was not for me. I have a long history of my love of cars, so I’m really interested in cars and I like motorsport. I went online and I saw TOC and they do motorsport and car maintenance, so since they have motorsport, I choose motorsport!

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Suhel Suleman

My name is Suhel Suleman, and I come from Kenya in Africa. I chose TOC because cars have been my number one priority since day one. My Dad has a car business, so growing up with that gave me this interest in cars and racing.  I first saw TOC online and it seemed to be the best automotive college in Malaysia.  I am studying in Malaysia because in Kenya there is no automotive schools. So my reasons for choosing TOC was that it was in Malaysia and its working out cheaper, so that is why I came here.

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Justin Wong

I love cars! Originally I went to Heroit-Watt University to study Mechanical Engineering.  However, after the foundation I just found it a little to difficult to continue and I then found a great alternative choice in TOC.  My passion for cars actually came from playing the ‘Need for Speed’ and ‘Gran Turismo’ a lot. In Gran Turismo there is a part in the system where you can tune the car, change the gear ratios and the engine performance. This was where I really found my liking for this.  The reason I chose TOC was because they had a reputable certificate and it could carry me on further in my studies, as I am aiming to not only get a diploma but also a degree as well

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Chong Chee Sian

My name is Chong Chee Sian, I am 20 years old and I come from Seri Gombak, Batu Caves. I chose TOC because the technology and the machines they have are more modern than some of the other schools, such as Despark and Tan Chong. Also the education certificate can be used overseas and in Malaysia.  So that’s why I chose TOC to study Automotive Technology.

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The Motorsport Industry is generally made up of small to medium sized companies, either racing teams, manufacturers, or suppliers of products and services. Motorsport is a highly competitive business. It is the competition element which gives the industry its ‘can do’ attitude and there are few other industries which respond to challenges so quickly. It is an acute balance between technical and commercial and both feed off the other.


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Motorsport is all about passion, precision, teamwork, business and most importantly, employment. The Motorsport Industry is made up of small to medium sized companies either as racing teams or supplying products and services to the teams, ranging globally from single seaters, GT and sportscars, touring cars, rally, motorbikes to karting.

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