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Will This Sizzling Collaboration Create The Next Malaysian Motorsport Sensation?

Exciting news ahead for all those who have dreamed of a career in the motorsport industry. TOC Automotive College and national racing event series Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) have officially signed a partnership to launch a brand new racing apprenticeship program, the MSF Motor Racing Study Course at the college.

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雪邦国际赛道联手TOC 减外援培养本地赛车技术专才

(雪兰莪. 雪邦讯)大马站世界摩多大赛顺利举行和落幕,有感于大马拥有具有国际水准的赛道,可惜却长期聘请以及依赖外援与国外技术人员作为赛事的技术专员,雪邦国际赛道首席执行员拿督拉兹兰.拉扎里(Dato Razlan Razali)指出,马来西亚是时候培养属于自己本土的赛车技术专员...

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Internship programme with MisterTyre for TOC Automotive College students

While gaining a degree of diploma is of importance as a starting point to working life, just as important is to be able to gain experience because that is what many employers also look for. Many companies, especially the smaller ones, do not have the time or resources to take in new employees with little or no experience and then train them because they need people who can get into the job as quickly as possible.

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