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6 Car Superstitions That Bring Luck And Prosperity During Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year is approaching fast, we’re sure everyone is ready to welcome the Year of the Pig in so many different ways. Here at TOC Automotive College, we believe that while the decorations, food, angpaos are all important, it’s equally important to prepare your car for the Chinese New Year. Today, we’re going to look at some things that you should do to prepare your car for the festive season.

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How To Avoid Tyre Blowouts

Blowouts are altogether different from a punctured tyre. The term describes a bursting tyre followed by a sudden and rapid loss of air pressure. Most tyre blowouts are caused by insufficient air pressure, causing the tyre’s internal components—fabric, steel, and rubber—to flex beyond its elastic capacity. This causes it to overheat to a point where the rubber loses its bond to the internal fabric and steel cord reinforcement.

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