7 Crucial Things To Know Before You Start Driving In The Rain


The weather in Malaysia is constantly shifting. One second it can be searing hot, and the next, a heavy downpour. So it’s often the case where you’re driving in the sunny, clear weather when a rainstorm hits you out of nowhere. It’s been proven that rainy conditions are directly associated with higher accident rates.

Image from:  Car from Japan

Image from: Car from Japan

So here are some things to know to help you drive safer in the rain.


1. Utilize your wipers

Image from:  Driving Tesla

Image from: Driving Tesla

This one seems to be a bit like common sense, but a lot of people forget to turn on their windshield wipers in the case of light rain. And even in heavy rain, some drivers only use the slowest wiper speed. This is dangerous because it obstructs the visibility while you drive, and may lead to accidents. Don’t be afraid to turn your wipers up to the max as it will definitely help to keep your view clear. If you think that you hear scraping noises or excessive streaking from your wiper blades, it may be time to change your wipers.


2. Turn up your headlights

If you don’t already know this, it is required of you to turn on your headlights when you’re driving in the rain. Not only does this help to combat the darkness that comes with rain, it also helps you to increase the visibility of yourself and other drivers around you.


3. Check your car’s equipments

Make sure that your car’s equipment is in working order before, well driving. It’s not just rainy weather, but checking your car constantly can help make sure you’re safe. Check your headlights, tail lights, and windshield wipers to make sure that they will work efficiently when they are needed. Also check the tread of your car’s tires. Balding tires can severely reduce traction on wet roads.


4.  Keep a safe distance between cars

Image from:  Halo Technics

Image from: Halo Technics

Make sure you keep a safe distance between your car and the cars ahead of you. Any emergency brake may result in an accident if cars are all at a close distance with each other, as stopping your car in the rain is much more difficult due to the wet roads. The best method is to maintain a distance of several car lengths between your car and other vehicles.


5. Drive slowly

When it’s raining, you should not only follow the speed limit set, but you should drive slower than you normally would. Wet roads will leave your car’s reaction time much slower, and that can be dangerous if you’re speeding and need to brake for an emergency. It’s always important to reduce your speed in wet weather.


6. Be careful of water on the road

Image from:  whio

Image from: whio

Malaysian roads are very susceptible of retaining rainwater on the roads, which is why flooding frequently occurs. When you’re driving through water on the road, be careful as it will cause your car to hydroplane, making you lose traction on the road and skid. If possible, try to drive around places where water has collected.


7. Know how to handle hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is one of the most common car accidents in the rain because it causes drivers to lose control of their cars. One of the best way to handle hydroplaning when you’re driving is to take your foot off the accelerator and steer your car in the direction that your car needs to go. DO NOT make a sudden turn or slam on your brakes as this will most likely cause your car to lose control and lead to accidents.

Now that you know how to manage driving on rainy roads, be safe during the wet weather days in Malaysia. What do you think? Leave a comment below!