6 Car Superstitions That Bring Luck And Prosperity During Chinese New Year


As Chinese New Year is approaching fast, we’re sure everyone is ready to welcome the Year of the Pig in so many different ways. Here at TOC Automotive College, we believe that while the decorations, food, angpaos are all important, it’s equally important to prepare your car for the Chinese New Year.

Today, we’re going to look at some things that you should do to prepare your car for the festive season. Some of these are superstitions that are believed to give you luck and prosperity in the coming new year.

1. Clean your car

Image from:  Tiq

Image from: Tiq

We’re sure that you may have heard that during Chinese New Year, people traditionally clean their houses to get rid of any bad fortune and to make room for good luck for the New Year. Well, it’s the same for your car. Ideally, you should clean your car before the Chinese New Year, as cleaning and sweeping during the Chinese New Year is believed to be “sweeping” the good fortune away. Plus, you’ll get a shiny and clean car for CNY!

2. Put a pair of mandarin oranges on the dashboard

Image from:  Tiq

Image from: Tiq

Mandarin oranges are everywhere during Chinese New Year, because oranges and tangerines are associated with good luck. Their color symbolizes riches and good fortune. By putting a pari of oranges on your dashboard, it is believed that you are welcoming good luck and prosperity into the owners of the car. Plus, they’re good for decorative purposes. Just remember not to leave them for too long under the hot sun.

3. Opening your car windows

Image from:  Youtube

Image from: Youtube

While this is not as practical here in Malaysia because of our super hot CNY weather, it’s said that winding down your car window on Chinese New Year will bring good luck to those inside the car. This is similar to the belief that opening the windows at Chinese New Year’s day will bring good fortune to the house. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend you leave your car windows open all the time as there may be some unsavory characters who would break into your car.

4. Avoid using black cars

Image from:  The Economic Times

Image from: The Economic Times

Some people believe that black is the color of bad luck. In Chinese culture the color black is also associated with mourning. Wearing black clothes during Chinese New Year is commonly avoided, and while this may be a little less common, some believe that they should avoid driving black cars during this festive period. However, if you only have a black car at home, it’s believed that you can counter this by decorating your car with prosperous colors like red, yellow or gold. Angpow packets are popular as red is an ultimate luck and money symbol during CNY. Just make sure you don’t put any money inside lest your car gets broken into during this CNY.

5. Avoid other unlucky factors

Image from:  Numberplates.com

Image from: Numberplates.com

There are a few other factors which may be better to avoid during this Chinese New Year. Avoid driving a car with an “X” or number “4” on the license plate. To many Chinese people, the number “4” is inauspicious as when spoken out loud it resembles the sound of “death” in the Chinese language, hence it is associated with bad luck. Having an X symbol on the license plate is also unwanted as it can resemble the driver’s luck being crossed out.

Also avoid placing any sharp objects in the car. This superstition also has its roots from the house environment, where during the first day of Chinese New Year people avoid using sharp objects, as they can “cut” off your luck and fortune for the upcoming year.

6. Get the CNY songs ready

Image from:  Youtube

Image from: Youtube

For everyone traveling back to their hometowns this coming festive season, one of the most important things you should not forget is to have some good CNY songs ready for the trip. Yes, we know that these songs are overplayed in malls, restaurants and almost everywhere you go. But believe us when we say that playing some gong xi gong xi songs will definitely put you in the mood for CNY.

Do you follow any of these CNY superstitions or traditions for your car? Leave a comment below!