5 Types of Motorbikes!



You may have heard the word “KAPCAI” if you are a local. For those who don’t, it is your common conventional motorcycle that you normally see on the road. Some would prefer to call it “Underbone” instead. Here’s a picture so you don’t have to imagine;

The most common ones are usually from Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. However, for those who don’t know, there are many types of bikes around, MANY! For now, let’s just take a look at 5 different types of motorbikes.


I mean, who doesn’t knows a chopper when they see one right? You can immediately tell by the stretched-out appearance with its lengthened forks and long front ends. However, I always question this in my mind; “Isn’t it tiring to drive one?”  This is because some choppers have very tall handle bars. Well, only the bikers would know! However, don’t get confused between a chopper and a bobber. It is also a style of custom motorcycle just like choppers but a bobber keeps the original factory bike frame as opposed to a modification of factory frame. Choppers can be built from an original motorcycle that’s been modified/ chopped, or built from scratch; that’s where customization and modification comes in.

Oh! Speaking of a bobber, here’s a picture of one;

Also, if you noticed, bobber usually have straight handle-bars compared to choppers and the wheel size differs.


Look at its narrow seats compared to a normal motorcycle!

The name says it all! Like cars with its off-roading competition, here’s a bike for off-roading. This motorcycle is minimal looking, designed for rough terrains and unsurfaced roads. The frame on dirt bikes are usually small and light so it has the ability to jump and easier to control. The dirt bike has a suspension system with hydraulic and spring shocks to absorb shocks. Before I forget to mention, I sometimes do get confused between a motocross and enduro. Both are dirt bike races. Enduro is an endurance test hence the name and the bikes are designed for long distance off-road competition whereas motocross features terrains with tight turns and jumps.


Image source:  https://www.sbs.com.au

This is another popular type of bike you see on the road. Scooter is a vehicle with a step-through chassis and footrest platform. This is a simple, neat and economical way to get around. Scooters are normally powered with small engine and operates on small 10-inch wheels. Although low in power, it is relatively easier to ride compared to other types of bikes.


I believe this is also known as a “Superbike”. Superbikes are usually used for sports and races. Sport bikes are made for high-performance track duty as well as street riding. Sport bikes are usually for people who loves the speed and exhilaration while riding. It has the ability of cornering, handling and acceleration. There are many types of sport bikes around. To name a few; Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Suzuki GSX 650F, Yamaha FZ6, Ducati Monster 696, Honda CBR 1000RR, KTM 1190 RC8 and the list goes on. Well, what’s your favourite sports bike?


The Yamaha V Star 1300 Deluxe Cruiser

At first glance, it may look like a chopper; but it’s not! It is like a milder version of a chopper-looking bike. Well, you get the hint- CRUISE. Those who likes a laid-back cruising on the bike, will surely get a cruiser. According to the site https://safer-turn.com, cruiser motorcycles have a unique look (that I got to agree), an upright riding position with feet facing forward and big engine displacement with a lot of torque in low RPM and not necessarily a lot of horsepower. I honestly thought that the Chopper was the most modified and customized motorcycle category, however, the cruiser is!