5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Car Battery


Car batteries are the most commonly known car part that needs frequently needs replacements. Usually you should change out your car batteries approximately every two years, or when it completely loses its charge. But what goes into making a regular car battery? Today, we’re going to help you understand car batteries a little bit more, so that you won’t be caught out in the middle of the road with a flat battery.

1. Maintenance free batteries or not?

Image from:  Digital Trends

Image from: Digital Trends

There are two types of car batteries you should be aware of. The older car battery used by older generation cars usually require maintenance. While the maintenance free batteries are the more commonly used batteries in cars now, the conventional maintenance batteries are still available, but they require a little top off of electrolyte water from time to time. With proper maintenance, conventional batteries do last longer than their hassle-free counterparts.

2. How does the weather affect batteries?

Image from:  RAC Shop

Image from: RAC Shop

Living in the hot climate that is Malaysia, car batteries usually last half as long due to the heat. Heat can literally reduce the lifespan of a car battery, because heat accelerates the chemical reactions within a battery. We would definitely recommend you park indoors whenever possible, so that your car’s battery can survive just a tad bit longer in this Malaysian heat.


3. Traveling abroad and your batteries


We’ve all been in this situation before; you’re traveling abroad for a few weeks and when you get home, your car won’t start. There’s a reason for this. Your car batteries still discharge even though they’re not in use. Batteries need to be constantly in use otherwise it will fail. You can prevent this by unplugging your negative terminal (the black cable) before going on a long holiday. If you’re worried, you can also get a neighbour or a close friend to help you start your car every other day.

4. The maintenance free battery misconception

Image from:  Reader’s Digest

Image from: Reader’s Digest

While the name may be quite self explanatory, the biggest misconception about the maintenance free car battery is that they don’t require any maintenance. However, this is not true. Although car owners will not need to top off electrolyte water levels, they still need to have a regular check of the terminals to see if there is any corrosive build up. It’s important to clean the terminals and get the alternator charge rate checked to have a longer lasting battery.

5. Charge your car on the go?

Image from:  Wikipedia

Image from: Wikipedia

There’s another mistake among drivers that car batteries can be recharged by driving the car around. This means that your battery can be undercharged and still have enough battery to keep going. However, this is wrong. If your car battery is continuously undercharged, it will lower the capacity of the battery over time and also shorten its lifespan.

While there may not be an easier way to know when a car battery will go flat, you can try to look out for these warning signs. If you car takes a longer time to start than usual, or if your clock constantly resets itself, it’s a sign that you may have a weak battery and it’s time for a recharge or a change.

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