5 Interesting Sun Shades


It is a little known fact (kidding) that Malaysia is known for its sun. Being in the tropics, it gets hot here and ridiculously so. Parking your car under the sun can lead to your car heating up very quickly and a possible deterioration of your dashboard. That’s why sun shades were invented and we’ve all seen the boring usual ones being put up. However, what if I told you that you sun shade could be customized to suit your personality and tastes? Check out these awesome ones!

Feeling Lost?

Want to give others a helping hand? Put up a map of your area in case somebody’s lost!

A Welcoming Sight

Give yourself (and everyone else) a smile whenever you walk back to your car and see these two waiting for you!

In A Galaxy..


Star Wars is out and some like it, other hate it. Regardless, spice up your car with this interesting sun shade when Han Solo and Luke were young men trying to save the galaxy from the Empire.

Cat’s Eyes

Are you a cat person? Want to let the world know? Here are cat’s eye shades to startle people especially on a dark night.

Cars, Cars, Cars

If you’ve seen the Cars movie series, here are some sun shades you can consider to add some interesting touches to your ride!

Bonus: Baby Driver

Seen the movie? Here’s a sun shade you can use to make others laugh!

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Fun with CarsJeremy