5 Benefits of Joining a Car Club

Picture: Snapwire via Pexels.com

Picture: Snapwire via Pexels.com

One thing that we as human beings do well is form tribes. In modern terms, this means that we’re great at forming groups and clubs for almost any reason we can find. These clubs can be with people who love the same music, movies, books, and as you may have guessed already, even for people who drive the same kinds of cars!

These clubs are incredibly common and aren’t just restricted to high end cars or vintage collectibles either. Even owners of more common car makes and models naturally find a way to congregate in their cities or towns and spend a lot of time together.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with this kind of subculture, it may be a little confusing since we may not know much about it. What do people do in car clubs? What sort of benefits do people reap from investing so much time and effort into such clubs?

Well, here are a few common reasons that seem to apply to this case.

Make like-minded friends

For starters, clubs are formed for people to make friends with like-minded individuals. In more formal terms, this can also be seen as a chance to network with each other seeing as how everyone involved evidently has some of the same tastes in common. When it comes to clubs, the cars that people drive become much more than just a vehicle to get them from point A to point B, it becomes a stepping stone for them to form new friendships.

Friendships formed this way provide value to everyone involved, and it can also serve as a first step leading to other kinds of friendships like business relationships, romantic relationships, and much more!

Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation

When people join and socialize in clubs, they tend to trade stories, experiences, and lessons. These could also include trading personal experiences and important lessons which could benefit newer members. This continual exchange of knowledge tends to help people develop a deeper level of appreciation for the thing that they already love (i.e. their cars), and at the same time also develop greater understanding together.

While car manuals and magazines might be informative, nothing beats the shared experiences of a group full of enthusiastic owners!

A chance to help and inspire others

As your personal experience and knowledge grows, you’ll also get a chance to help and inspire other members! Just as how the more senior members may have helped you out from time to time, you’ll be in a position where you can share your knowledge and experience with those who can benefit from them the most. For many people, nothing beats being in a position where you’re able to impart knowledge and wisdom upon other people!

By being a point of reference to other members of your club, you’ll also indirectly inspire them to take more pride in their own cars and learn everything they can about it. A club becomes much stronger when its members provide inspiration and knowledge to each other this way!

Attend cool events

As-is, there are already plenty of reasons to attend events like car shows. Joining a car club will give you even more reasons to do so!

For starters, as a member of a club you’ll have a whole group of friends you can go to those events with. Added to that, it would be a great experience for your club to attend events organized by the manufacturers of your car to show them your support. Better yet, some clubs even organize their own events, be it large gatherings or small ones as simple as sharing a meal or a drink together. Most common with car clubs is the organizing of drives, where all members participate in a road trip across the country by forming a convoy with all their cars!

Show off

Take it a step further and attend automotive events not only to see cars and people, but to have your car seen, and to have other people see you! Some of the more devoted car club members even go as far as having uniforms for all members to wear so that they can proudly represent their clubs wherever they go.

Imagine how good it would feel to stand next to your prized vehicle wearing your club’s uniform and official logo. Take even more pride in your car that you’ve invested so much time, effort, and love into by showing them off to other appreciative car owners.

Where to start

Car clubs are easy to find these days, especially with the use of social media and Google. The easiest place to start is to see if there is a club dedicated to your car make and model in your city. Find them online, get in touch with them, and show up at their next gathering. From there, you’ll start making new friends in no time!