4 Popular Toy Car Brands

Picture: Pixabay via Pexels.com

Picture: Pixabay via Pexels.com

As a car or automotive enthusiast, there are many ways that you can interact with the manufacturers and car models that you have come to love and appreciate.

Other than physically sitting inside of and driving the cars that you love, you can also interact with them through car magazines, blogs, videos and more! These mediums allow you to indulge in your appreciation while increasing your knowledge, and in the case of online comments and forums, it even allows networking with other people who share your appreciation.

One way that some enthusiasts prefer to express their love for cars is through miniature versions of those vehicles, which for the purposes of this article will be referred to as “toy car brands”, even though some may disagree with the use of that term. These miniature car models are sometimes made using the die-cast process, and come either in kits that you can assemble yourself or ready-made for collectors to keep and put on display. In some cases, they even have motors inside them so they can be raced against other miniature car models as well!

If you’re looking to take your love for cars to the next level, here are a few brands you can explore to find what you enjoy the most!

Tamiya Corporation

For Malaysians, especially those above a certain age, Tamiya cars were one of the most popular toy car brands ever known. Most popular among them were the model cars that could be fully customized, from its battery-operated motor to its tires and even its body kits. In a time before cybercafes, the most popular venues for young people to spend time at were places that had Tamiya race tracks where people could test the speed of their beloved cars and compete with other enthusiasts.

This Japanese corporation is still very much in the business of creating miniature car models of various types and of different sizes or ‘scales’. Their product lines include those that are meant for racing as mentioned above, as well as collectible scale models.

Beyond cars, this company’s product lines also includes remote controlled models of trucks, tanks, trailers, military vehicles and even boats!

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is one of the ultimate brands when it comes to die-cast toy cars. Die-cast toys are those which are made using a process of filling up a mold with molten zinc or lead alloy, giving them a sturdy and shiny finish. This brand has been around since the 1960s and even produces accessories including track sets that you can use to race different models of this brand.

Most notably, this brand also has its collector’s series of toys which is highly-sought after by collectors. Because of this, the value of these individual toys especially in their original packaging can go up with time, turning these miniature versions of classic cars into highly-priced collector’s items.

Fisher Price

For those of us with children or younger family members, Fisher Price could be a great way of helping them develop an interest in automobiles. This brand is aimed at lower age ranges with toy cars, trains, airplanes, and more.

In many cases, the models that this brand produces are official products for many popular children’s TV shows. Their bright colours and recognizable faces and names are sure to make your child burst with joy, while also teaching them to share your appreciation for automobiles, helping you create an even stronger bond with them!

Automotive Manufacturers

For serious collectors and enthusiasts, the best place to get your hands on collectible miniature car models is from the automotive manufacturers themselves. These are often made available through their official websites and their distributors, although there are times when they collaborate with businesses like petrol stations to make it easier for you to purchase their miniature car models.

As an example, Ferrari offers their miniature car models of various sizes and versions on their own official website. Being collectible items, some of these are often sold at very high prices.

For All Ages

As you can see from the diverse list of examples provided above, toy cars come in an unlimited range of colours, sizes, and types; much like their real-word versions that we see on roads everyday. From serious collectors to casual enthusiasts, or from grown adults to young children, there is always something available for everyone to enjoy. Best of all, unlike real cars, you don’t need to pay road tax or have a driver’s license to enjoy them!