3 Reasons Why We Need A Car in Malaysia


The cost of living in Malaysia is getting higher, and it can get a little burdensome to own a car. From every turn of the ignition, to every KM that we drive, we can feel like money is being burned every second. That, and the daily traffic jams that we have to experience.

Image from:  Asia Expat Guides

Image from: Asia Expat Guides

So why do Malaysians still want to get a car? We break it down in a few points below:

1. Convenience


Image from:  SAYS

Image from: SAYS

There is nothing to beat the convenience of driving from place to place doing your daily tasks. Whether it’s doing your groceries, picking up your kids from school, or even heading from a cafe in PJ to a restaurant in Subang, it’ll always be great to hop into a car and drive to your next destination. Public transport is good, but you don’t want to have to plan for the train, the taxi and for someone to drop you off and pick you up. It’s just too much hassle to plan. With a car, you’ll get more convenience and control over your journey.
2. Comfort

mage from:  Car Club

mage from: Car Club

Other than convenience, we love the comfort that comes with our cars. Blast music, turn up the air-cond, whatever! You can do anything you want in your own car. It’s more comfortable than being sardine-packed into the public transportation during peak hours, with faulty air-conds, uncomfortable seats and body odor that would ruin almost any journey. We’de definitely pick car for this round.


3. Safety

While Malaysian road safety is a very real issue, with the crazy drivers, Mat Rempits and other road hazards making life a real pain, you’d probably not want to be taken on a ride by a speeding bus driver desperate to make his rounds, or a taxi driver who overcharges you. Unlike public transport, in which your safety is out of your hands, owning a car means that you take your own safety and make sure you arrive at your destination in one piece.

Driving in the city, we find a lot of annoyances. A. Lot. Sometimes, it makes us curse driving. But ultimately, in Malaysia at least, we all still need our cars for these 3 reasons.

Do you agree that all Malaysians needs a car? Leave a comment below!

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