You’re Parking Right! 4 Parking Dos Every Driver Should Know


Let’s face it. If you have a car, you will eventually have to find a place to park your car. Be it at the shopping mall, along the shop lots, waiting for your kids to get off from school; you’ll need a place to stop and park your car.

Which is why we’re exploring some of the parking dos you should know as a driver. It’s only basic courtesy after all. If you follow these tips, you can be an example to all parkers out there.


1. Park in the center

Image from:  HowStuffWorks

Image from: HowStuffWorks

How many times have you come across an empty parking spot in the mall, only to give up on it because the car next to you parked his/her car haphazardly and into your box? Too many times, that’s what! Parking lots are clearly marked out to fit ONE car. One car doesn’t need to spill into two spots. Park your car right in the center of the parking lot and all is well!


2. Patience is key

Image from:  The Channels

Image from: The Channels

Everyone has their own parking skills. Some are good, some are bad, some are REALLY bad. So as a responsible (and nice!) driver, you should have a little bit of patience and wait for those who are taking a little bit of time parking their cars. Don’t show your frustration by honking because that will either make the driver more anxious, or make them angry; neither of which is a situation you would like.

3. Use your signal light

Image from:  AliExpress

Image from: AliExpress

Hey, did you know that your signal lights aren’t only used when you want to make a turn? When you are waiting for a parking lot, it helps drivers around you to know that you’re parking, so that they can wait for you to finish parking, and not suddenly zoom ahead resulting in a crash or worse. It also helps to wait by the side and let other cars pass instead of hogging up the entire lane.


4. First come, first serve

Image from:  Imgur

Image from: Imgur

There’ve been a ton of Youtube videos of people straight up stealing parking spots from others, leading to viral videos and confrontation. So be nice lah, if someone has already turn on their signal and is waiting for their parking space, don’t zoom in and suddenly steal that spot. First come first serve! Also, it’s not fair to have your passenger chup the spot for you before you reached. Please don’t do this.

Remember, good parking etiquette starts with you. How many of you are following these parking rules? Leave a comment below!

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