Your Next Dream Car Can Be Made With Your Saliva?!


Carmakers are racing (pun totally intended) to come up with new technologies to cater to expanding their customer base. But one such carmaker, Lexus, seems to have taken the extra mile (again, pun totally intended) to make sure your brand new Lexus car is built with specifications that are uniquely yours, ensuring that your car is as genetically-exclusive as your individual DNA.

Lexus’ new tech, the Lexus Genetic Select is the world’s first carmaker service that uses human genetics to custom tailor the specifications of a car to suit your driving style, behaviour and even personal characteristics.

Image from:  Lexus

Image from: Lexus

Here’s the epic part, all you need to provide is a little bit of your saliva and the system will do all the work for you.

“All the work” here refers to the ability of the system to tell if you’re prone to backaches hence requiring more lumbar support and padding for your seats, or even tell if your skin is more sensitive to UV rays so that it can provide more tinting. Push start buttons are no longer the in-thing because the system will do everything for you!

Image from:  The Torque Report

Image from: The Torque Report

Does it sound impossible? That’s probably not too difficult to imagine as technological advancements in our cars are now improving by leaps and bounds. It’s quite possible to imagine that a carmaker will one day build a car that satisfies the detailed requirements of a human’s specific needs.

But there’s a twist to the entire story. This is due to the fact that Lexus’ brand new system is actually all an elaborate April Fool’s joke! It really got us believing in the impossible!

Watch the video of Lexus Genetic Select here:

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