You May Want To Try Out This Gundam Inspired Transformers Car


If you are a fan of the anime Gundam, in which pilots control mecha bots, you may want to move to Japan NOW. Japanese firm Four Link Systems gas come up with the Earth-1, an electric car with the shape-shifiting capabilities of the famous Gundams.

Designed by Kunio Okawara, the designer behind the mecha characters in the original Gundam anime, the car can shift from a regular car to an upright mode at the flick of a joystick.

It has two large fins at the back with brake lights and a huge opening cockpit for the driver to step into. It looks like any other futuristic electric car and drives like a regular car with steering wheel and pedals.

Image from:  ScieNews

Image from: ScieNews

That is until you transform the car into the robot just like in the Gundam animes using the company's clever motor system.

The inside of the car is supposed to feel like a cockpit, and the driver, like a pilot. The car can fold upwards to save space and fit into extra-tight parking spots.

Image from:  Daily Star

Image from: Daily Star

Four Link Systems hopes that the car will entice people who wouldn’t normally drive to try it out. It has received orders for 30 of the cars so far, and expects to have gained approval for it to drive on highways in Japan by March 2018.

The Earth-1 is priced at 8 million yen (about RM292,640) - not completely out of budget for a wealthy businessman.

This is so totally cool! Who’s in for this car? Leave a comment below!

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