Will This Sizzling Collaboration Create The Next Malaysian Motorsport Sensation?


Exciting news ahead for all those who have dreamed of a career in the motorsport industry. TOC Automotive College and national racing event series Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF) have officially signed a partnership to launch a brand new racing apprenticeship program, the MSF Motor Racing Study Course at the college.

This exciting new course will give students a chance to learn all about the world and the business of motor racing, and graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and experience of the inner workings within the various racing series in Malaysia. Topics include racing event safety and scrutineering, race control and driver discipline, timing and gridding, body and chassis preparation, engine modification and preparation, basic aerodynamics, suspension setup as well as testing and strategies.

The course looks to train a select group of about 30 or more existing TOC students to be the future leaders and workers within the Malaysian motorsport industry. There will be about 20 classes over a course of 6 months, and students in this course can look forward to receiving a free uniform as well as an allowance of RM50 per race day.

Mr Adian Yein, MSF’s principal revealed that despite the small size of the Malaysian motorsport industry, the whole industry was still worth about RM2 million. As such, he added that there is a need for more new blood to make their mark in the industry. He also stressed the importance of those working behind the scenes, rather than focusing on the drivers and riders.

Mr. Liew Chin Hooi, MSF Superbike Representative, said, “The technical portion of motorsports has traditionally been relegated to the blue-collar status. We aim to change that through the tie-up with TOC.”

Major local motorsports industry players will also be invited to give talks throughout the course and includes representatives from Fawster Suspension, K-Tech Suspension, Hankook Motorsports Malaysia and Proton-R3 Motorsports among those confirmed.

"Over the last 10 years TOC has been helping to develop technicians for race teams. Now, we feel that it is time to help create future leaders for the local motorsport industry as a whole and help propel it to greater heights", said TOC founder and CEO Adelaine Foo.

Aren’t these exciting times for the Malaysian motorsports industry? We can’t wait to see what happens! What do you think? Leave a comment below!