Why Your Automotive Business Needs a Vision and Mission

Picture: Pixabay via Pexels.com

Picture: Pixabay via Pexels.com


Missions, visions, objectives; what do they all mean? Why should you care? Let’s explore that question!


Automotive businesses are organizations, consisting of multiple teams with different skills. How does an organization like this ensure that all of these teams with different priorities share the same big picture? That’s where the vision comes in.



The vision of the automotive business, expressed through what is known as a ‘vision statement’, discusses the future. This statement defines where the automotive business wants to be years in the future and communicates the purpose and the values of the business. Seeing as how the vision serves as the ‘big picture’ of the whole business, an organization should only have one vision statement and not more than that, in order to maintain its focus.


Once a vision statement is determined, it is meant to be communicated to staff members and customers alike. This can be done through employment manuals and other internal communications, while externally it can be communicated through marketing materials or even through a company profile.


A simple example of a vision statement is “This automotive business aims to be the leading car servicing workshop in the Klang Valley in by year 2020”.



Where the vision statement focuses on where the business wants to be in the future, the mission on the other hand focuses on HOW the business will achieve that dream. The mission statement connects the present day to the future as defined by the vision statement.


This is important because it helps break down the long-term vision statement into short and medium-term objectives that are measurable and attainable.


A simple example of a mission statement is “Our mission is to treat every car that enters our workshop with the highest attention to detail, each and every time.”


Why They Matter

Vision and mission statements are transparent, which means that management, customers, and employees are meant to be fully aware of this information.


For the customer, it demonstrates how the automotive business aims to go above and beyond in the work that it does. This demonstrates to them the values or the priorities of the business which helps them trust it with their personal automobiles as well as their hard earned money.


For employees, these statements help to inspire their work by showing them that they are helping the business work towards something much bigger than themselves. To them, their jobs will be much more than just something they do to earn money; it becomes a driving force, an inspiration for them to work harder and better to be a part of the automotive business’ long-term vision.


Additionally, clear and inspiring vision and mission statements help the management team in attracting high-quality talent to join the organization’s team. These days, potential employees aren’t just looking for jobs that provide a good salary, modern employees are also looking to make an impact. In an automotive business, making an impact means satisfying customers and working with motor vehicles of all kinds and ensuring that they are in tip top condition.