What is Motorsports Education?

Picture: Daniel via pexels.com

Picture: Daniel via pexels.com

This is a quick introduction to what a course in motorsports education entails. Perhaps you’re a student who is curious to know more or would like some help in convincing your parents to let you sign up for such a course. Or maybe you’re a parent trying to understand what options your child has in this academic field. Worry not! This quick article will help you develop a basic understanding of the subject area.

The field of motorsports education has a lot of overlap with the field of automotive studies, but with one major difference. The field of motorsports has an added emphasis on the competitive aspects of the automotive world. This means that the student will be learning the basics of the automotive field, such as the many systems that make a car function, but they will also develop an understanding of how such vehicles can be tuned and modified to perform at competitive levels.

Much like any other vocational field of study, motorsports education has a healthy balance between theoretical learning and practical application. While classroom learning still has a high degree of importance to any student’s learning, this field allows students to get their hands dirty by working on real vehicles. Even before the student sets foot in the industry, they’ll have a lot of experience applying the knowledge that they have learned in the classroom.

As with any pursuit in life, there is always a need for a strong foundation. This is why students in the field of motorsports education are first exposed to the many systems that enable a car to function. This includes mechanical, electronic, and electrical systems; everything from the car’s steering system all the way down to the drive-train system as well. Even understanding the basics of vehicle maintenance and servicing will contribute to developing a strong foundation of knowledge for the aspiring motorsports graduate!

Such knowledge also includes the mathematics and science that goes into the engineering of such fine-tuned machines operating in a competitive motorsports environment. After all, in the field of motorsports where even half a second can mean the difference between victory and defeat, these high-performance machines will need to operate with such precision that only a student of the motorsports education field can deliver!

Yet, it’s not all about the vehicles and the many systems that make it perform optimally. A student in the field of motorsports will also be taught to understand the competitive environment as well, which in this case means being able to analyse racetracks and the adjustments needed for vehicles to operate well on them. Additionally, a motorsports student will also be exposed to the legislation and health & safety aspects that apply to this exciting field, to ensure the safety of all those involved.

You might wonder, where could a student of the motorsports education field actually work? What sort of career awaits you or your child after going through this field of study? Some examples include being a motorsports technician, or perhaps being in a position to manage your own motorsports team! Imagine being a member of a pit crew, performing repairs at lightning speeds and helping to make sure your team wins first place. Or imagine being involved in organizing motorsports events! In the world of motorsports, there are endless possibilities for someone with the right knowledge and experience, and there’s no better way to get that than by joining the field of motorsports education.