What Drives Customers

Image source:  https://answerfirst.com

Customer is KEY! When a customer is satisfied, you are automatically in their good books. So, what really drives them?


In order to give good service to a customer, you need to understand their needs. Treat them with respect and speak with manners. Be friendly and courteous. Who likes to deal with someone rude right? That being said, a good service is one with a constant follow-up. We don’t mean by bugging them but check on them and ask for feedbacks.

Attention & Care

Be kind and compassionate. Try your best to listen and understand what they have to say. A little empathy goes a long way. If they are facing an issue or a problem with the product or service, be there for them when they contact you.


Trust is a big word. It is never easy to make someone trust you. However, they need to know that you are reliable and consistent. Show your commitment when dealing with a customer. Never side track or take short cuts to solve his or her problems. Try meeting their expectations or even go beyond it if it’s possible for you.


Be reliable! Sometimes, mistakes occur. Even if it is by a customer, be reliable for the mistakes. Consistency and reliability goes hand in hand. If those two items are met, customers can expect the same level of service each time they come back. 


A customer will always come back to you if they feel comfortable with you. So, be real and anticipate their needs before a problem comes. We know you are not a mind-reader, but lay out all possibilities and be ever-ready to deal with them.

All in all, customer service is equivalent to customer retention. Companies have the potential to lose a large amount of customers if customer service isn’t done right. That being said, it is important for companies to look at customer service as the “Golden Ticket” to success.