Tires that goes Side to Side!



When we say anything is possible, it truly is. William Liddiard proves it by creating an omnidirectional wheel for cars. The Canadian inventor posted his video on YouTube with the caption “You’ve never seen a car do this” back in 2016 and hopes to sell his product to a big company when it is ready. Omni wheels are widely used for robotics research and engineering but not so muchon cars. So, let’s sit back, and enjoy what the future has in store for us.

These wheels have been around for decades but until today, it is still under the “prototype” category and it is not used on the road yet. Liddiard’s creation is said to be stronger, faster and holds more weight. He also admits that the technology still needs to be refined and improvised.

These wheels allow a car to move side-to-side and even spin in circles! That being said, it could also change the way we parallel park. According to Liddiard, drivers can now drive in all direction, and turn on the spot, when needed. How cool is that? These wheels however, still have the same characteristics as normal tires, so fret not. Fancy an omnidirectional wheel?

Check out the video here!